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Sprinkler irrigation system is known as the best method of irrigation, wherein farmers get maximum yield at an extremely low cost, according to the agronomist across the world. With the help of sprinkler system, a farmer can irrigate 2–3 times more farm land using the same quantity of water.

We are the most trusted name in supplying HDPE sprinklers at a competitive price. We are proud to be associated with the agricultural and horticulture department of Madhya Pradesh and glad to fulfil the needs of state’s farmers. At the moment, we are exploring to service the farmers of other states as well.

Our sprinkler pipes are manufactured as per the specification of IS 14151 part 2 of the Bureau of Indian Standards. We also offer sprinkler system, which includes pipe fittings, clamps, nozzle, and other accessories.

The sprinkler pipes ranging from 63 mm to 110 mm diameter at 2.5 and 3.2kg pressure with complete range of fittings are available in fusion and friction welding.

  • Irrigate 2–3 times more farm land with same quantum of water
  • Enables cleaning the surface of plants, thereby helping in easy photosynthesis
  • Results in greater yield
  • Saves the surface of the plants from accumulation of frozen water during winter season
  • Spreads the water in the farmland uniformly and saves the plants from water clogging & scarcity during summer season
  • Coupled Bend
  • Coupled Tee
  • Pump Connecting Nipple
  • Sprinkler Attachment Foot Button
  • End Cap
  • Riser Pipe
  • Sprinkler Nozzle